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Not all photographers enjoy wedding photography and are forced to do it for the money. They may be excellent photographers in other respects, but weddings frustrate them. It could be the mixed extreme energies and flaffing around of various personalities around the bride and groom. They could be shy and don't want attention drawn to themselves especially when expected to direct hard to control exited family groups.

I can only guess what their reasons are. But one thing I do know for sure about successful wedding photographers is that they are romantics at heart and derive energy from a wedding exitement.

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They get into the swing of things laugh with the guests and even feel like family after a while as they get along well with anyone, are eager to please and love people in general. They are the type who will drop their camera in an instant to help a bride up a staircase, fix shoes or mend straps.

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Patrick Clemmond
about the author:
Pat has practiced photography from a very young age as a hobby. He has been a professional musician for over 20 years and currenly produces music, corporate and wedding videos for a living.
This Article may be freely distributed however all links and references to the author must be kept intact - The author maintains copyright on this articles and by giving free distribution rights does not revoke or nullify such copyright privileges.

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wedding photographer personality
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